Krishnan Devotional Songs

Here is a collection of popular Krishnan bakthi songs online in Tamil. You can also listen to these devotional albums on your phones and mobile devices including Android phones, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Blackberry.

Simply click the Play Button or select a song using the "Forward" and "Reverse" Buttons from the music player. You can also select a song from the list. All the songs in the album will be played, starting from the selected song.

Krishnan devotional songs album - Download Tamil Mp3 Songs

Krishnan devotional songs
  • Pullankuzhal koduththa
  • Kuruvayurukku vaarungkal
  • Amara jeevitham
  • Gokulaththu pasukkal
  • Gokulaththil oru naal
  • Gopiyare Gopiyare
  • Kothayin thiruppavai
  • Ayarpadi maaligaiyil
  • Aadathu Asaintha
  • Alaipayuthe Kanna